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Ginger Bells Hand Crema 300ml

13,50 IVA incluido
Encuentra un momento para ti y cuídate con rituales de cuidado relajantes. Elige la loción corporal profundamente hidratante Ginger Bells,

Set EMPASTA Fashion Texture Sport Chic

24,79 IVA incluido
Product Details
  • Spring collection of gel paints EMPASTA SPORT CHIC! In rhythm of the big city.
  • Feminine and fresh shades of the collection EMPASTA Fashion Texture Sport Chic allow to create a fashionable wear-anywhere manicure. Pastel texture.
  • Collection containing 6 energetic colours is perfectly suitable for creating the up-to-date textures and bas-relief together with the similarly-named collections of gel paints and E.MiLac A good buy.
  • On purchasing the collection in a set you save more than 15%.
  • Apply E.MiLac Top Gel on a prepared nail. Polymerize.
  • Make some design with a thin layer of Empasta.
  • Polymerize 2 minutes in any lamp.
! Empasta does not require an overcoating with the top gel.